Someone once said ‘the small things are not the small things,  they are the big things’ just like that the cactus and my turtles ‘To’ and ‘To’ are two of my most special things! 


Turtles bring positivity, zen and peace to all my days, dark or bright. Since I’ve been brought up in a hybrid culture of Maharashtrian and Gujarati, I’ve also seen it as a big part of the Hindutemples that brings a sense of attachment.


Talking about cactus, they are quirky, thorny and beautiful. In my dream world, I imagine the thorns to be the Kantha stitch that complete the cactus.


For the past few months, I have dreamt about curating my work and when I pursued it, I wanted the name to relate to something that’s close to my heart and a part of me.




Totocactus is an online platform, a union of art, design and illustration, something that will add more colour and warmth in your everyday life. It believes in curating merchandise to tell stories that people can connect to and cherish!


More than it being just a platform that sells products, it’s a medium I’m using to communicate and connect through art.



Totocactus aims at producing efficient visuals that are locally and culturally relevant. Something that always reminds us of our beautiful culture and all the things that come with it. I wish to explore different mediums and techniques to create conceptually strong designs and impactful illustrations. I hope these designs and illustrations are a like a breath of fresh air for you all, not just visually pleasing but really powerful as well, something that makes an impact.



My passion for making illustrations reflects in the craft, the crux of which is formed from my abundant love for nature. The bud blooming into a flower, a butterfly on the Bougainville creeper, the sunflower looking for sunshine and dewdrops forming on a fresh morning, all the little things that nature offers serves as an inspiration for totocactus!


Also, travelling is an integral part of my life and I feel like my love for travelling reflects in my illustrations. Meeting new faces, finding tiny colourful corners, watching walls of various cities tell different stories, all adds to it!


I hope these illustration pieces bring joy to your life in every possible way. Totocactus values every person supporting and contributing to this initiative. Feel free to reach out to us. THANK YOU