Our Earthy yet quirky Totebags are versatile and can be used to carry anything including your laptops.


Surreal Nature is a series of Illustration inspired by the elements of Nature that we see around. The illustration is printed using one of the traditional printing techniques called Screen Printing. Every Bag is made with utmost care and love by Totocactus.




Material (for the bag) : Manjarpath Cloth with added Foam for stiffness

Material (Base and handle): Good quality Rexin Leather

(Rexine Leather is environment friendly and does not involve any kind of cruelty to animals)


Size of the Bag:

height- 40 cms, breadth- 33 cms, width- 12 cms,

Size of the Handle:

height- 26 cms, breadth- 2 cms



Did you know?

Tote bags first came into creation in the 17th century, but the term "tote", which means "to carry", did not become common until the 1900s.

Surreal Nature (B) Illustration Totebag / Laptop Bag